The English Labrador Retriever

The English Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. In fact, the Labrador breed as a whole is rated as the #1 breed out of 195 according to the AKC (American Kennel Club). 

This popularity is due to a near-perfect mix of their friendly personality and their amazing ability to learn, while also being the most popular sporting dog around!

Great with kids, great with other pets, and the very embodiment of “man’s best friend”, the English Labrador is loyal and loving, but also one of the most easy-going breeds out there. 

We have chosen the English Labrador Retriever for these and many other reasons, and we believe you’ll love them as well!

History of the English Labrador Retriever

The English Labrador Retriever has been around since at least the early 1800’s. Contrary to what many believe, the Labrador did not actually come from the Canadian region of Labrador. Instead, it was originally from the nearby region of Newfoundland. 

The popularity of the English Labrador grew immensely in Europe during the 19th century, largely because of their hunting and fishing ability. Because of heavy import taxes in Europe, the original Labradors from Newfoundland largely faded away, with the European versions taking prominence after that time. 

The English Labrador was first registered by The Kennel Club in England in 1903, and by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1917.

Personality of the English Labrador Retriever

When it comes to the difference between the English Labrador Retriever and the American breed, you may be surprised to know there’s no official distinction. The two strains developed through specialized breeding and are mostly distinguished by physical and personality characteristics.

American Labs typically look taller, more athletic and slenderer, and they make excellent hunting and field trial dogs — working dogs. English Labs, which have a shorter, stockier build, a blockier head and thicker coat, tend to have calm, laid-back personalities — more of a show dog. The variations between the two breeds are slight, and either type can make a good family companion.

English Lab Personality

The English Labrador Retriever is widely known for their calm and friendly demeanor. Their ability to stay calm even in stressful situations has made them one of the best family breeds in the world for as long as they have been around. 

The English Lab is amazing with kids, as they have a great amount of patience and indifference. They tend to just let things “roll off their back”, all the while being loving and curious about everyone around them. 

The English Labrador Retriever has great concentration and an ability to ball up their energy in a way that makes them perfect for training. They love to do tricks and run, but also enjoy being one of the bigger lapdogs around! 

The English Labrador is also one of the most popular breeds used for support and guide dogs.

Care and Health of the Labrador Retriever

The English Labrador is known for their sturdy, strong frame. They are also high-energy for their size. They require regular, daily exercise in order to maintain proper health and their calm personality. 

The English Labrador is susceptible to elbow and hip dysplasia, along with various heart and eye conditions. However, a careful and selective breeder can largely avoid these conditions being an issue. Recherche Labs breeds some of the healthiest English Labs in the world. 

Regular brushing of the Lab’s thick coat is necessary to maintain their full beauty and comfort. A good weekly brushing should be part of your regular routine, with two brushings a week being helpful. 

The English Labrador Retriever can become overweight if not provided a proper nutrition. They will often eat more than they should, and will often exercise too much, which can cause other issues. So finding the right balance is vitally important. 

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